pixel 6 review

pixel 6 review

The wonderful phone from Google Pixel 6, follow with us, what are its specifications and disadvantages in this article :

After the spread of Samsung and Apple phones in the global markets in a very wide way,

Google tried to compete with it in many specifications, including performance, camera, and screen resolution as well,

That is why it has developed the capabilities of its smartphones until it reached the Pixel 6 ,

And provided him with high-quality details, through which he can stand in front of the best phones from the Galaxy S, and the latest iPhone,

This phone also came with some errors that correspond to its somewhat reasonable price point.

Therefore, let us review the most prominent details of this phone and the disadvantages that met with it.

Pixel 6 phone design

Google wanted to completely radically change its usual design points.

She chose Gorilla Glass Victus to protect the front end of the Pixel 6 phone, and Gorilla Glass 6 for its back face,

They are separated by a matte aluminum metal frame, which the manufacturer took inspiration from its older Pixel 4 models.

The weight of the Pixel 6 phone is about 207 grams, and it came with a large screen that reached dimensions of 6.4 inches.

That is why we need both hands to use the phone, especially since its glass is soft enough to make it slip.

Therefore, we need to use a protective silicone case for protection.

Pixel 6 phone design

This phone differs from any of the previous Pixel models,

as it features a rectangular frame for the camera unit on the back,

Thanks to this frame, the phone can be placed evenly on a flat surface.

Pixel 6 is available in three colors: black, bluish white, or Sorta Seafoam and Kinda Coral Gray.

pixel 6 colors

And this phone replaced the usual fingerprint reader at the back with another at the bottom of the screen,

Despite this major advance in fingerprint sensing technology,

The experience of sensors under the screen has proven to be less fast in unlocking the phone compared to traditional sensors.

Also, in some cases, we may need to try again.

The Pixel 6 lacks face detection, which makes up for a better haptic engine than the Pixel 5.

We can also adjust the vibration levels to the desired level.

Finally, this phone has stereo quality speakers,

Produces sound at extremely high levels without noise.

And that through the headphone hole at the top of the screen and two traditional speakers at the bottom,

The latter is adjacent to a USB-C charging port, and this phone is dust and water resistant as it complies with the IP68 standard.

Pixel 6 phone screen

This phone has a flat OLED screen with a resolution of Full HD + or 2400 x 1080 pixels.

It measures 6.4 inches and therefore has a density of 411 pixels per inch.

At this density, it can produce contents at a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Although lowering the resolution to 1080p will increase battery life significantly.

Pixel 6 phone screen

The Pixel 6’s display is surrounded by wide bezels on all sides, highlighting the brilliant brightness of this screen when using the phone in broad daylight.

Takes 500 light units, increases to max 800 units to display HDR contents,

When we turn the phone to ultra brightness mode, we will get enough brightness under direct sunlight,

Also, the minimum brightness will be suitable for viewing screen content in low light.

Accessibility can reduce the screen brightness to less than the minimum,

In the event that the user needs the dull colors of the screen as well as providing this phone with normal and enhanced mode,

In the event that the user needs the dull colors of the screen as well as providing this phone with normal and enhanced mode,

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